Last Refreshed: 7/27/2021 6:45:19 PM
Press release extends range to include thousands of large furniture items

In cooperation with other retailers, is now expanding its homeware assortment to offer large furniture including sofas, beds and wardrobes.

Since the opening of’s furniture and homeware store in May, they have offered smaller home furnishings, including chairs, lighting and bedding. Thanks to their partnership with other retailers, this range will continue to grow in the coming months, with a great diversity of styles, articles, categories and prices.

Ever since’s furniture and homeware store opened, more Dutch people than expected have found their way to the shop. In addition to small items – such as cushions and lighting – they also frequently order furniture like side tables and chairs. "We see that customers increasingly want to order larger furniture from us so we’ve taken this as a sign to include it in our offering," said Michel Schaeffer, marketing director at To respond to the demand for larger furniture, is cooperating with other home furnishing retailers including Drome, BeddenReus, South Star, Macedes and Goossens Wonen & Slapen, the largest retail home goods chain in the Benelux. "They place their furniture in our shop window. This will give customers the largest residential range, and providers will have the opportunity to reach four million customers.”

Customers can now find 2,500 new products in’s furniture shop, and several thousand more large and small furniture items will be added in coming months.