Last Refreshed: 7/31/2021 10:10:20 AM
Press release enhances service for business customers

Introducing multiple-user accounts and buying on account

Utrecht - is looking to focus on businesses as well as on its retail customers. Starting today, it will answer the demand from many businesses to be able to buy on account and to have multiple users assigned to an account. expects the number of business customers to increase rapidly following these improvements.

The changes should make it easier for business users to order products, such as gift vouchers or laptops, for instance. As Michel Schaeffer, Marketing Director at points out: “We want to offer our business customers the same ease and comfort as our retail customers, tailored to their unique requirements. Of course, businesses also appreciate taking delivery of their orders overnight without shipping fees, but being able to buy on account is often at least as important for this particular group of customers. It´s an option we’re now pleased to offer.”

Diapers for business has seen the number of businesses ordering business gifts, office electronics, business books and gift tokens surge in the past few years. “For every specialist store we open, we don’t just attract new retail customers but businesses as well,” Michel says. “Our baby products store, for instance, delivers large quantities of diapers to various daycare centers throughout the country. Other examples include our specialist textbook store, which is tapped by schools for school books, while cookery studios know their way around our kitchen & dining store for their cookery materials.” Having optimized the options open to business customers, expects to see rising numbers of these over the next twelve months. Opening a business account is easy: simply go to to find out more about buying for businesses at