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Press release

Best practice sharing: Delhaize's 'crunchy muesli' now available at Albert Heijn

January 17, 2018 – Albert Heijn recently introduced Delhaize's popular crunchy cereal series on its shelves, illustrating how our brands are expanding the reach of their offerings by working more closely together.

 Called "crunchy muesli," the cereal – already a breakfast staple in Belgium and Luxembourg – will enhance the assortment for customers in the Netherlands. It is available in a wide array of flavors, from chocolate and nuts to fruit.

And muesli is just the beginning. Customers will soon see more joint own-brand products in their stores as Delhaize and Albert Heijn continue to share knowledge and expertise, an important element of Ahold Delhaize’s Better Together strategy.  

Albert Heijn’s Delicata original happiness range, for example, was inspired by the quality chocolate range of Delhaize. Some Delhaize customers, meanwhile, can  find new appetizers based on items developed over the years by Albert Heijn.

Industry-wide, own-brand products are gaining popularity as customers seek more innovation in Fresh or greater value for their money. From the U.S. to Europe, our businesses are working more closely together to tap this trend to further strengthen their offerings and share knowledge on everything from packaging to customer preferences.

Last year, our health and beauty brand, Etos, introduced some of its products on the shelves of our businesses in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Romania and Greece, while Nature’s Promise – an own-brand collection in the U.S. – is now available in the Czech Republic.