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Press release

Allerhande commemorates Albert Heijn's 125th anniversary, celebrating Dutch culinary history

Zaandam, the Netherlands – Albert Heijn is celebrating its 125-year anniversary this year, and in-store magazine Allerhande is marking the occasion with a special anniversary edition. Drawing on a timeline of 125 highlights, Allerhande and its readers together celebrate 125 years of Dutch culinary history and 125 years of the retailer's role in the community. The festive edition of the popular magazine offers culinary inspiration in over 70 recipes drawn from this rich history – with a modern twist, of course.


Albert Heijn is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Its in-store magazine Allerhande has been in circulation since 1954 and has proven an important way to communicate with customers and inspire them with tasty and inventive recipes. Allerhande's anniversary edition captures the highlights of 125 years of culinary history in the Netherlands. It devotes special attention to the way in which Albert Heijn unfailingly surprises and delights the country with new products, new tastes and greater ease of shopping - a case in point being the funny little green fruit with brown, “hairy” skin, which it brought to the country in the 1980s: kiwi fruit. Albert Heijn also got the Dutch to try ripe and ready-to-eat mangoes and avocados - hard to imagine we once had supermarkets without them.

Modern Twist

A tribute to Dutch culinary history is of course all about good old-fashioned Dutch recipes, too. The recipes in this Allerhande will take you on a trip down memory lane, showcasing the recipes of yesterday but presented with a 2012 spin. Introducing Dutch dessert “hangop” with blueberries and blackberries instead of the old variety with brandied apricots; meanwhile, our pork tenderloin comes with edible fungi and fresh pecorino cheese rather than the familiar mushroom sauce. And of course, Allerhande's anniversary issue would not be complete without a favourite recipe and a personal note from the Heijn family.

The Allerhande anniversary issue will be in Albert Heijn stores on Tuesday, April 10, with 2.3 million copies estimated to reach over 4 million readers. Allerhande has been available in digital format from the App Store free of charge since December 2011, and the anniversary issue will also be downloadable from April 10. Customers can use their iPads to access the full content of the magazine and all kinds of extras, plus a small gift for our digital readers. After all, it's celebration time!