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Albert tests hydroponic system directly in-store

September 22, 2022 – Albert is the first retailer in the Czech Republic to test a hydroponic system that grows herbs and leafy vegetables. The hydroponic garden is on the sales floor, in Albert’s hypermarket in Prague, where plants are grown under special conditions and in ideal light. As hydroponics allow cultivation anywhere and with the organic solution full of nutrients, no soil is necessary, and no sprays nor GMOs are needed. 

During this month, the garden will grow herbs and salads such as basil varieties, mint, dill and red leaf lettuce. Customers can also purchase these items and see how it’s grown within the supermarket. 

This innovation was introduced in cooperation with Czech start-up, GreeenTech and represents a unique solution. GreenTech is a technology company that specializes in indoor farming that is self-sufficient and produces its own fresh produce made specially for restaurants, offices or urban communities. About the collaboration with Albert, Dmitrij Lipovskij founder of GreeenTech, shares: “Albert is the first retailer who uses this technology directly on the sales floor [in the Czech Republic] and I am very glad, that Albert gave us opportunity to make this concept come alive.”  

Last Refreshed: 9/24/2023 5:04:21 PM
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