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Press release

Albert launches 'It is worth it to eat better' campaign

January 29, 2018 – A new multimedia campaign from Albert aims to inspire customers to live a healthy lifestyle. The campaign, "It is worth it to eat better," was created in response to the changing needs of customers in the Czech Republic  and will be featured in a variety of marketing and communications channels in 2018.

Albert will promote a healthy lifestyle and suggest the best food and ingredient selections through TV commercials, magazines and advertising leaflets. Ideas and inspiration will also be an integral part of digital and in-store communications, with many activities connected to the campaign continuing throughout the year. 

“We would like to encourage our customers to the healthy lifestyle and help them to look at food like an inspiration that provides many combinations and recipes they can try. And most importantly we want to show them that they do not have to be worried about it, because we are here to help them,” said Kateřina Harris, Marketing Director of Albert. "The campaign represents a new approach for Albert that will be visible in all our future activities." 

View two videos from the campaign here: