Last Refreshed: 7/28/2021 5:43:13 PM
Press release

Albert Heijn opens Pick Up Point for returning travelers at Amsterdam airport

Today, Albert Heijn is opening a Pick Up Point (PUP) at Amsterdam airport, Schiphol – especially for returning travelers.

Customers can simply order their groceries online from their holiday destination and pick them up the moment they return from vacation, meaning they can avoid the stress of an empty fridge and enjoy the afterglow of their vacation even longer. This service also benefits all the airport’s employees, who, at the end of their working day, can pick up their groceries and take them home.

Sander van der Laan, CEO Albert Heijn, is enthusiastic about the new PUP: "Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport welcomes more than 50 million travelers annually, a large number of whom are Dutch. Moreover, more than 64,000 people work at the airport. We are excited that we can employ a PUP to provide so many people with convenience and efficiency at this wonderful and unique location."

Maarten de Groof, Executive Vice President & CCO of the Schiphol Group, is also positive about the installation of the PUP: "Albert Heijn's Pick Up Point is a great new service for travelers, visitors and Schiphol employees. It dovetails perfectly with all the other facilities and services that we offer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol."

The new PUP is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 am until midnight. The PUP will be located next to P3 (extended parking for travelers) and P40 (employee parking). Travelers and Schiphol employees will also be able to pick up their orders from the Schiphol PUP. Customer information on Albert Heijn’s PUPs is available on (in Dutch).