Last Refreshed: 7/26/2021 4:41:45 AM
Press release

Albert Heijn launches new own-brand product range: AH BASIC

Today, Albert Heijn welcomed the newest member of the own-brand family: the AH BASIC range.

In the current economic climate, our customers are more than ever looking for ways to shop smarter – not focusing on price alone, but more importantly on the price-quality ratio. AH BASIC offers customers trusted Albert Heijn quality at low prices. The AH BASIC products will be introduced gradually over the course of the year, while the current Euro Shopper assortment will slowly be discontinued.

Albert Heijn now boasts four own brands:

  • AH puur&eerlijk: responsible choice products
  • AH Excellent: special products
  • AH Huismerk: tasty, affordable products
  • AH BASIC: cheap and cheerful products

The variety of product ranges means that customers can make their grocery shopping as cheap or as special as they wish – making Albert Heijn a better place to shop, with good prices, easy-to-find products and a great shopping experience.