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Press release

Albert Heijn introduces ‘My Nutritional Value’ online tool

July 9, 2018 – Albert Heijn has launched an online tool that helps customers gain more insight into the nutritional value of their groceries, highlighting how Ahold Delhaize’s local brands continue to make healthier eating easier.

The tool, called “My Nutritional Value,” shows loyalty card holders the amount of sugar, salt, fiber, protein, saturated fat, calories and carbs for each product they purchase. It also helps them find alternative products based on the nutritional value of their preference. For example, a shopper searching for candy can look for options containing less sugar, while customers on a low-salt diet can look for products matching that requirement. 

“At Albert Heijn, we love to inspire our customers to adapt a healthier lifestyle,“ said Buck van der Werf of Albert Heijn. “It is a great way of giving something back to our loyal customers.”

“My Nutritional Value” was developed with the support of the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is the latest example of how Albert Heijn is stepping up efforts to promote healthier eating.

Last month, the brand announced it aims to remove an equivalent of 1 billion sugar cubes from its products by 2020 and is helping customers make better choices with an in-store sugar guide. 

Across Ahold Delhaize, the local brands are working on a wide range of ideas to make healthy eating easier and more attractive for shoppers.

The U.S. brands recently rolled out the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation program to help customers locate healthier options. And Delhaize Belgium recently introduced Magical Vegetables, a new marketing campaign to encourage children to eat healthier.

By 2020, Ahold Delhaize aims to have 50% of its own-brand sales coming from healthier products.