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Press release

Ahold wins prestigious Czech National Award for Quality in the EXCELLENCE category

On Tuesday, November 25, the awards ceremony for the Czech National Award for Quality took place in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle.

This year, the highest award in the EXCELLENCE category was won by the Albert food retail chain. This is the second time that Albert has won the award, having received the “Excellent Company” award in 2011.

“I’m really proud that Albert has been recognized for excellence in quality by an independent auditing body,” says Jesper Lauridsen, CEO of the Albert retail chain in the Czech Republic. “The quality award that Albert has received is particularly important for Czech customers, who value high-quality and high-standard food products. Winning this prestigious award is particularly thanks to the hard work of our 17,000 colleagues, as well as hundreds of domestic suppliers. I’d like to thank all of them for their enthusiasm and excellent teamwork. The award demonstrates that we can take pride in being one of the top players in the Czech retail business. It also encourages us to keep improving every day! Finally, a word of thanks goes to our customers, who are happy to keep coming back to our stores. We will thank them with some special promotions for selected Czech products from our domestic suppliers.”

The Czech National Award for Quality has been awarded annually since 1995. Its aim is to publicly reward businesses that systematically improve the quality of their activities and achieve better results. The award also serves as inspiration and encouragement to other companies. The Czech National Award for Quality has several categories, covering both business and private organizations.

The EXCELLENCE category, in which the Albert food retail chain won the Czech National Award for Quality, awards companies that achieve and maintain a consistently high level of performance. Award winners must permanently meet or even exceed the expectations of their business partners and all stakeholders. The jury also takes into account the extent to which companies implement social responsibility principles in their business, and especially their daily effort to improve the range of products and services for their end customers. The assessment is based on the EFQM Excellence Model, which is currently regarded as the most sophisticated tool for the organizational management in Europe.