Last Refreshed: 7/31/2021 10:13:41 AM
Press release

Ahold USA supports progress towards opening housing for sows

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States – Ahold USA today announced that it will encourage its pork suppliers to move from the daily use of gestation crates to open housing for pregnant sows by 2022.

This includes the option to use gestation crates during appropriate times to keep sows and their piglets healthy and safe.

“Animal welfare is a fundamental part of our responsible retailing practices and we intend to work with the most reputable suppliers to source safe and affordable pork produced with respect for the animal,” said Jihad Rizkallah, vice president, responsible retailing, Ahold USA. “Our goal is to work with suppliers who are moving towards a less restrictive environment.”

Over the past several months, Ahold USA conducted a review of the issue of gestation crates versus open pen housing for pregnant sows by speaking with pork suppliers and visiting several supplier farms. Ahold USA also met with relevant stakeholders, including food industry colleagues, the Humane Society of the U.S. and members of academia to gather information and discuss the safety and well-being of sows.