Our Sustainable Retailing strategy, which was developed as part of Better Together, is based on our most material topics and leverages our global reach, market expertise and great local brands to enable us to lead our industry in making sustainable retailing the norm.

In our strategy, we put particular focus on the following SDGs: zero hunger, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, responsible consumption and production and climate action. We also consulted trends in our markets and around the world, integrated stakeholder feedback, and referenced other global frameworks (such as the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises) in establishing our areas of focus.

Our focus

Our Sustainable Retailing strategy prioritizes three areas where we can have the most impact on the lives of customers and associates, and on our communities around the world.

  • We will enable our brands' customers and associates to eat healthier food every day by:

    • Innovating to make healthier eating more affordable and more fun
    • Inspiring customers and associates with programs and services to make healthier eating easy, every day
    • Rewarding customers and associates for nutritious choices
    • Improving our assortment to increase sales of nutritious own-brand products to 45% by 2020
  • We will reduce food waste by:

    • Driving down food waste in our own operations by 20% by 2020 (from our 2016 baseline)
    • Maximizing the recovery of unsold food to reduce hunger in our communities
    • Working with our suppliers on innovations to reduce food waste upstream
    • Helping customers reduce food waste at home
  • We will provide a healthy and inclusive workplace for 370,000 associates by:

    • Making healthier food choices available in all workplaces for all associates
    • Enabling associates to become healthy food ambassadors by supporting them in eating nutritious foods
    • Creating a work environment in which everyone is valued and where everyone can reach their full potential

Our commitments to essentials

Beyond the three focus areas, our Sustainable Retailing strategy includes five additional areas where we make clear commitments:

Product safety and sustainability

The products we sell are safe, of high quality, affordable, and meet sustainable sourcing standards

Climate impact

We take our responsibility for using the planet’s resources sustainably by reducing carbon emissions and waste

Associate development

We take care of people by encouraging associate development

Safety at work

We integrate safe working practices for all associates into our workplace designs, equipment purchases and operational procedures

Local community connection

We partner at the local level to create healthier, more sustainable communities for future generations

Local action, global impact

Ahold Delhaize is a family of great local brands, each with a deep connection to and understanding of its local community. While we have identified the areas we want to impact as a company, we empower our brands to create market-specific programs that also address these issues.

We build on the past achievements of all our brands while collaborating and sharing best practices to achieve our sustainable retailing goals. Each brand has set targets to ensure we grow our businesses and create value consistently. The remuneration of our senior management is also directly tied to these targets.


We used the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted at the end of 2015, as an important input to guide how we prioritize our sustainable retailing ambitions.