As a global retailer, we play a major role in the day-to-day lives of millions of people – from our associates to our customers and communities. Our success as a business is closely tied to how well we meet the needs of these different stakeholders.

As Ahold Delhaize comes together, we are prioritizing three areas where we can have the most impact on the lives of our stakeholders and, in doing so, become a stronger, more sustainable company. These are:

  • Promoting healthier eating – by making our products more nutritious, and offering new tools and services for our customers and associates, we can be a positive force to inspire healthier eating
  • Reducing food waste – by closely analyzing our own food waste, redistributing unsold food within our communities, and partnering with our suppliers, we can make a positive difference to food waste and food insecurity in the communities that we serve
  • Creating healthy and inclusive workplaces – by facilitating our associates’ wellbeing at work and driving inclusiveness, we can create a culture of respect, diversity and collaboration for all 375,000 associates of Ahold Delhaize

We will also set targets to ensure:

  • The products we sell are safe, of high quality, affordable, and meet sustainable sourcing standards
  • We play our part in tackling climate change, by keeping our carbon emissions down and reducing waste
  • We take care of our people, by encouraging the development of associates and creating safe workplaces

Our merger in 2016 brought together two companies dedicated to sustainable retailing. Our new business strategy, which will combine the best of both companies’ approaches, will be shared later this year – come back then to find out more. In the meantime, we will build on the past achievements of all our brands in offering healthy choices, reducing waste, developing our associates’ talents and helping communities. By doing this, we will keep on fulfilling our promise to become a better place to shop, a better place to work and a better neighbor.