We aim to inspire healthier eating through a variety of fresh, nutritious and affordable products, customer education and services that make it easy to eat healthy meals, and partnerships with our communities.

See what some of our brands have been doing recently to promote healthy eating:

Delhaize Belgium

Since 2014, Delhaize has been offering “Better for Allpork in Belgium. Delhaize collaborates with local farmers to improve how the pigs are fed, raising the omega-3 levels in the pork.

The Healthy Farming Association Benelux, an organization of scientists and agriculturalists, helped develop a feed that is made from a mix of grains and is naturally richer in omega-3 fatty acids than traditional, corn-based feed.  To encourage farmers to use the new feed, Delhaize paid for the difference in cost from traditional feed.

After "Better for All" pork, Delhaize also launched eggs produced using the same philosophy.

The “Better for All” pork and eggs help consumers improve their omega-3 intake as the products contain higher levels of fatty acids and therefore have a positive impact on health. The Delhaize brand pork and egg products bring 125 tons of extra omega-3 to our Belgian customers’ plates each year.

Albert Heijn

In June 2016, Albert Heijn announced ambitious targets for sugar reduction: a first step will be to reduce sugar by 10 to 40% in over 100 popular own-brand products that are often bought by families, including yogurt, custard, ketchup and sugar cookies. Albert Heijn will also be adding some new Own Brand products, such as children’s Greek yogurt without added sugar and a 100% fruit dessert. By the end of 2017, thanks to Albert Heijn, around 250 million fewer lumps of sugar will have been reduced from Dutch diets.

Ahold USA

At the start of the 2016-17 school year, the Ahold USA divisions launched the “Free Fruit for Kids” program where kids aged 10 and under can enjoy a free piece of fruit in the division stores’ produce departments while shopping with their parents or caregivers. 

The program kicked off with free bananas before moving to mandarin oranges later in the fall. Stores are using in-store signs and produce displays to promote the program.

The Free Fruit Program offers the stores the opportunity to become known as destinations for children’s health and nutritional expertise. It is a great example of making healthy eating easier.

Hannaford and Food Lion

Guiding Stars is celebrating a decade of helping customers eat better.

Created as a simple way for customers to make healthy food choices, Guiding Stars is marking its 10th anniversary as the first storewide nutritional guidance program in North America. The program initially launched in Hannaford stores as a way to help customers choose foods for a nutritious diets.

Guiding Stars has evolved as foods and dietary standards changed, and the nutritional guidance now extends beyond supermarket shelves. Thanks to a licensing program, Guiding Stars is now found in high school, college, hospital and corporate cafeterias, and in 2,500 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Multiple scientific studies have shown that Guiding Stars effectively helps and encourages customers to make more nutritious purchases.