Community resilience is everyone’s responsibility. How do we help our local communities thrive, today and in the future?

Why does it matter?

As individuals, and as a society, we benefit from strong and healthy communities. When communities struggle with economic hardship and food insecurity, food retailers can bring relief.

What we are doing

We are committed to helping build healthier, more resilient and sustainable communities. These are communities where everyone thrives, where healthier, affordable food is commonplace, and where each person feels valued and connected. 

Company-wide, we serve 50 million customers each day. What an opportunity for face-to-face interaction with people! An opportunity to better meet their food needs, inspire them to make healthier, more sustainable product choices, and stay in tune with what is going on in the wider communities.

Our brands’ community initiatives include programs that help parents and children build a healthier relationship with wholesome food; financial and food donations; and community well-being projects. Our stores in low-income neighborhoods provide jobs, and make sure the people who need it most have healthier food options. It is a great example of how we strive to be a better neighbor.

And by building on the strengths of two people-oriented companies, we can make a big impact on a large scale: truly Better Together.

For more details please see our reporting page.

Our focus

Our Better Together strategy framework gives our great local brands the flexibility to best serve their customers, associates and communities. By sourcing locally, they can support their community economies while providing the freshest seasonal and affordable products on their shelves. By partnering with local cities, towns and schools, they encourage healthier eating and help create healthier neighborhoods around their stores. Finally, by building stronger partnerships with local hunger relief organizations, they significantly contribute to reducing both food waste and hunger.

Connecting with the local community in practice

Below are some heartwarming examples of how our brands are supporting the people in our communities.