Albert Heijn has set itself the ambitious target to become CO2 neutral in 2025. To reach this goal they have set up a plan which contains a three pillars.

  1. Property should be green and healthy
  2. Albert Heijn wants to build energy reduced real estate
  3. Albert Heijn aims to create a CO2 friendly material flow.

To share this strategy with the world Albert Heijn created a spotlight series called ‘energize’

The most sustainable supermarket of Europe!

The first ‘energize’ movie features Albert Heijns 100% CO2 neutral Albert Heijn store in Purmerend.  The renovated store is 100% CO2 neutral, and powered by a system that is comparable to a small, local energy plant. It generates enough energy to heat and power the supermarket itself, as well as the adjacent Etos and Gall & Gall stores. A buffer system for heating and cooling, plus 700 roof and facade solar panels, reduce energy consumption even further. Other sustainable measures include motion-activated LED lights, the use of recycled materials throughout the store, and electric car charging stations.


Reuse, reduce and recycle!

The second ‘energize’ movie talks about reuse, reduce and recycle of our store materials. This is a crucial point in achieving our ambitious goal to become CO2 neutral in 2025. Many of our store materials are still in good enough condition to be reused in our remodeled stores after our partners refreshes them. Due to the many stores we have in combination with the high frequency of remodeling our stores we are able to implement this cycle.

Sustainable distribution centre in Zaandam

The third 'energize' movie features the brand new, automated distribution centre of Albert Heijn in Zaandam. The DC in Zaandam is the Albert Heijn's first distribution centre where the distribution process is fully automated. In addition, the sustainable building methods, energy efficient design and effort to create the best employee workplace make this a unique project.