Sustainability structure

Our Sustainable retailing governance

Sustainable retailing at Ahold Delhaize is managed at all levels of the organization, from the Supervisory Board (Sustainability and Innovation Committee), to a designated Executive Committee (ExCo) member, to individual leads at each of our brands for the three focus areas and five commitments.

Within the ExCo, our President & CEO is responsible for sustainable retailing. The Vice President Sustainable Retailing is responsible for Ahold Delhaize’s Group-wide Sustainable Retailing strategy, for global reporting against it both internally and externally, and for engaging external stakeholders on our strategy, monitoring related trends and managing related issues and risks.

The Vice President Product Integrity is responsible for laying out and explaining the obligation for the Ahold Delhaize brands to source and sell legally compliant, safe and sustainable products. The Vice President Product Integrity reports to the Chief Legal Officer who is a member of the ExCo.

Relevant functional leaders across the brands (in areas such as Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety, and Product Integrity) are responsible for setting targets and implementing the work relevant to their functions. The leaders of our local brands are ultimately responsible for sustainable retailing within their brands, and a dedicated Executive Sponsor oversees sustainable retailing-related strategy, target setting and implementation. Each brand sets specific annual targets on all of the Ahold Delhaize sustainable retailing performance indicators. On a quarterly basis, each brand leader reviews the brand’s year-to-date data and discusses progress with the Chief Sustainability, Transformation and Communications Officer.

Projects that support meeting the sustainable retailing targets are integrated into the Ahold Delhaize strategic review and budget cycle.

To guide our Sustainable Retailing strategy, track performance, and share best practices, we have put in place a global steering committee as well as topic-specific working groups (in areas such as diversity and inclusion, safety at work, food waste, and product integrity) with participants from all our brands.