Promote healthier eating

Healthier people make healthier communities. How do we encourage and support our customers to adopt healthier eating habits?

Healthy food makes healthy communities; nutritious food reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and contributes to a community’s overall resilience and vitality. Eating healthier is a priority for our customers; they look to us for fresh, healthy inspiration for delicious, nutritious family meals, every day.  

With our better place to shop promise we aim to make healthier eating commonplace. By making fresh, nutritious and delicious meals available and affordable for everyone, we contribute to healthier communities.

Our strong local brands and broad range of products offer fresh inspiration every day. With an assortment that includes affordable nutritious choices, and with recipes, support services, and transparent labeling, we are making healthier eating easier. With engaging activities, we are making healthier food appealing and fun. And with our piloted healthy checkouts, we are making healthier choices convenient.

  • We have identified a company-wide 2022 target. We aim to have 51% of our own-brand sales coming from healthy products in 2022. 

For more details please see our reporting page.

Our focus

Since the merger, we are even better placed to find new and innovative ways to promote healthier eating to our customers. All along our supply chains, we touch many lives – customers, associates, our communities and our suppliers’ communities - and at each point, there are opportunities for improvement. In 2018 and beyond, we shared best practices across our brands, explored opportunities in our supply chains, and used our collective creativity to find fresh approaches to how we serve customers.

Promoting healthier eating in practice

Here are some examples of how our brands inspire and support the people in our communities to adopt healthier eating habits.