Healthy associates make a healthy business

An apple a day may ‘keep the doctor away’, and healthy eating is certainly a good start, but supporting our associates’ well-being requires a more comprehensive approach. So Delhaize Serbia is bringing the doctor right into the stores, with a program aimed to increase associates’ awareness of personal health issues and show them ways to take good care of themselves.

Delhaize Serbia understands: healthy associates make a healthy business. Its “Company doctor in stores” has become a key part of its associate well-being program. In 2015 and 2016, company doctors ran basic health screenings in 80% of its stores throughout the country, carrying out blood tests, heart rate tests and medical consultations on health prevention and healthier eating.

The blood tests revealed the most common health issue among the associates: high cholesterol (51%). Other issues included back pain (27%), eyesight problems (14%) and increased heart rate (8%). And while 41% of associates were smokers, 81% of these were keen to participate in a smoking cessation program.

With this revealing information, Delhaize Serbia enhanced its well-being program with a number of key initiatives:

Quit smoking

Smokers were invited to attend the “Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking” workshop, while copies of Allen Carr’s books were made available through the company library. The workshop emphasizes leadership support: “It is never too late for positive change, so make a decision to take care of your health. You can count on us to support you in that decision.”  

Get fit

Ergonomics awareness trainings and leaflets help associates find ways to reduce fatigue and stress, as well as the risk of work-related injuries. A discount card for more than 400 sports facilities encourages associates to make fitness a part of their everyday lives. And brand actions in 2016 included a family sports day and sponsorship of the Belgrade Marathon.

Eat well

Multiple nutrition workshops in the stores and support offices informed associates about healthy food options and how to prepare wholesome meals. And the newly launched “Super lunch” offers a well-balanced, nutritious meal for kids.

With initiatives like these, Delhaize Serbia is meeting two of our strategic focus areas: promote healthier eating and create a healthy and inclusive workplace. Based on the success of these first doctor visits, the brand will conduct another round in 2017.