Community projects celebrate grants from Delhaize Fund

Some 40 community projects in Belgium and Luxembourg recently received grants from the Delhaize Fund, which is part of the King Baudouin Foundation. This year’s top three projects, selected by Delhaize staff in both countries, celebrated with street parties in their neighborhoods. The three lucky winners – honored with the title "Community Builders’" – were a repair café, a community vegetable garden and a tool sharing service.  

With financial assistance from the fund this year, the Repair Café (Mechelen) will buy some new sewing machines, the Vegetable Garden “Den Draad” (Gentbrugge) will invest in seeds and a new hut, and the Tool Library “Instrumentheek” (Kortrijk) will purchase more tools.

The Delhaize Fund was set up in 2008 to support community projects that improve the well-being of people from different generations, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. For its 2016 edition, for example, the fund focused on reducing waste, with all of the participants sharing the objective of fighting waste creation, getting to know their neighbors better, building friendships and contributing to the health of their community. This call for projects was in line with Delhaize Belgium’s own commitment to limit everyday waste, including giving food surpluses to persons in need, one of the pillars of the brand's commitment to sustainability.

Since its launch, the fund has supported more than 300 projects set up and run by local residents and clubs.

Check out the video clips below for an impression of this year’s projects:

Repair Café (Mechelen) in Dutch 
Repair Café (Mechelen) in French 

Den Draad (Vegetable Garden) in French 
Den Draad (Vegetable Garden) in Dutch 

Instrumentheek (Tool Library) in Dutch 
Instrumentheek (Tool Library) in French