Delhaize Serbia opens first Maxi store with eco-friendly cooling

November, 2018 – Delhaize Serbia is enhancing its strong commitment to sustainabilty with a new initiative: the opening of a Maxi store in Belgrade that features eco-friendly commercial cooling. The new system uses CO₂ as a coolant to reduce emissions and lessen impact on the environment.

“This is a pioneering step forward with regard to cooling devices and the first example of its kind in the Balkans,” said Serbia’s Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan, who attended the opening ceremony earlier this month with Delhaize Serbia COO Quentin Royer.

Quentin noted during a tour of the store that protecting the environment is important to Delhaize Serbia, which has introduced numerous activities aimed at increasing sustainability, including the recycling of over 10,000 tons of waste in partnership with customers in the last year and a pay-per-plastic-bag system that has reduced usage by more than 65%.

“As a leader in the market, it is important to start initiatives that make it possible to create a cleaner environment,” Quentin said.

Three refrigeration companies assisted in the development of the new cooling solution at the Maxi store, while Mechanical Engineering faculty from Belgrade University provided support for this innovative approach. The store also has eco-friendly features such as LED lights, which are more efficient and last longer than traditional lights. Delhaize Serbia plans to open more stores by the end of the year that comply with the most strict ecological standards.


 Goran Trivan, right, reviews the cooling system