testing 2-hour sustainable delivery

September, 2018 – and Dutch mail delivery company PostNL are testing a new extra-fast delivery option in Amsterdam that allows customers to receive items at home within 2 hours of ordering. Even better, in step with the brand’s commitment to sustainability, the products are delivered using electric bicycles.

The unique collaboration, which begins today, blends convenience and service with an environmentally friendly solution to provide the fastest delivery in the Netherlands for online orders. The new feature is available without further cost to customers who subscribe to the €9.99 a year Select subscription plan. Customers who are not Select subscribers will pay €4.99 each time they use the speedier service.

"With this pilot we get the chance to test how we can help the customer at the very last moment,” said Brand President Huub Vermeulen. “We see it as our joint responsibility to fulfill this customer need as sustainably as possible.

"Together with our other sustainable initiatives, this innovative partnership with PostNL contributes to our goal of reducing our direct footprint to zero grams of Co2 emissions per package in 2025," Huub added. "We know that we still have to take a lot of steps, but by doing better every day we bring sustainable retailing closer."

Based on the results of the 2-hour delivery pilot, the service will be rolled out to multiple locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.