Alfa Beta, our brand in Greece, has launched a new Sustainable Retailing platform called "ABitari tis Agapis" (The ABcs of Love) that is dedicated to the brand's values. 

Sustainable Retailing is an integral part of Alfa Beta’s everyday life and runs through every strategic choice that they make. With innovation, creativity and a responsible attitude in its operations, Alfa Beta wants its actions to last and help meet the needs of the communities they serve." 

This philosophy is reflected in the new Sustainable Retailing platform, which includes all of AB's current programs and initiatives, with more planned in the future. 

At the same time, AB has created “good cause” products and coupons that are sold in its stores. The sales support organizations that help children throughout Greece. In cooperation with Institute Prolepsis, for example, thousands of students from schools and kindergartens have access to a nutritious and healthy meal every day. In addition, last year AB programs provided almost 1 million meals worth more than €2.4 million to citizens in need all over Greece. 

The brand also consistently applies environmental friendly policies and invests in recycling by integrating modern packaging management centers in 70 of its stores, where in 2016 approximately 2.7 million packages of six different materials were recycled.