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Albert Heijn begins the next steps of gradually introducing Nutri-Score

Zaandam, 3 January 2022 – Albert Heijn is starting the next steps of the gradual introduction of the independent food choice logo, Nutri-Score. The supermarket believes it is important to help customers make healthier food choices. Therefore, as of today, the Nutri-Score of 6,000 own-brand products is visible on electronic price tags in shops and the food choice logo can be found next to products in the app and on In the coming months, more own-brand products will also get Nutri-Score on the packaging step by step. Albert Heijn will inform customers extensively and will investigate how they experience Nutri-Score in the coming months.

With Nutri-Score, consumers can see at a glance which products within a product group have a healthier composition. The food choice logo translates the nutritional value of products into a clear letter and color code. A is dark green and is shown on products that have the healthiest composition within a product group. Score E is red and is shown on products from the same product group with the least healthy composition.  

Comparing products

Each product is assigned a score based on a special algorithm. There are plus points for proteins, fibers, fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts. Energy content (kcal), sugars, saturated fat and salt push the score down. The logo compares the products in a certain product group with each other, for example: yoghurt with other types of yoghurt, and not with cheese. And when a fruit juice scores a C, that drink is a healthier choice than a juice with an E in the same product group.

Marit van Egmond, CEO of Albert Heijn says, "At Albert Heijn we want to make better food accessible. For everyone. And a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. That is why we have been a strong supporter of the introduction of Nutri-Score. We are convinced that this food choice logo will help our customers make healthier choices. And not only for a product with an A or B rating, but also for a product with a D rating instead of an E rating. Every step counts!"


The independent food choice logo, Nutri-Score, was developed by French scientists and has now been introduced in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. The Dutch government also opted for Nutri-Score in 2019. It is expected that the food choice logo will be officially used nationwide in the first half of 2022 – after final approval by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Feeling good

Marit van Egmond: "Albert Heijn offers the most choice in products with an A or B score. That is because we have been structurally improving our own-brand products for years: we add extra fiber and use less sugar, salt and saturated fats.” Feeling good in your own skin starts with a healthier diet, but exercise, sleep and relaxation are also extremely important, says Marit. "Of course we want to inspire and support everyone to start 2022 in a good and healthy way. Nutri-Score helps and so does our FoodFirst Lifestyle Coach. This free app offers advice, inspiration, countless health challenges, videos and exercise, nutrition and meditation schedules. Experienced coaches advise on a lasting healthy lifestyle change."

Informing customers

In the coming weeks, Albert Heijn will inform customers in television commercials and advertisements about how Nutri-Score works. In addition, customers will find a lot of information on, in the ‘Allerhande’ magazine, in the Better Food magazine (‘Beter Eten’) and in the bonus folder. Special brochures, showcase stickers and shelf maps can be found on the shop floor.   

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