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Ahold Delhaize launches its very own podcast: Refreshing Retail!

Curious to learn more about what's cooking in the kitchen of Ahold Delhaize and the food and retail industry? Refreshing Retail is here to share the latest trends, innovations and news. It discusses big topics like the future of food, health and sustainability, the omnichannel journey, and much more! In each episode, host Emmelie Zipson will have a conversation with an interesting guest from the industry and a co-host from Ahold Delhaize.  

Episode #1 – From ‘frenemies’ to finding common ground

Unilever and Ahold Delhaize are partners, but also ‘frenemies, as you can hear in this episode. Both companies have ambitions to offer more healthy and sustainable products. How are they going to achieve these? What are their main challenges? And how do they work together with industry partners?  

These and more questions will be discussed in this episode about the future of food.  

Guest: Hanneke Faber, President Global Foods & Refreshment at Unilever 

Co-host: Wouter Kolk, CEO Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia 

Episode #2 - Sustainability in the food and retail industry 

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda in the food and retail industry. What actions should the industry take? Should companies play an active role in changing customer behavior? And does the industry need stricter government regulations?  

Guest:  Daniella Vega Global SVP Health & Sustainability at Ahold Delhaize. 

Co-host: Frans Muller, President & CEO Ahold Delhaize 

Episode #3 - "Being a good human being, goes a long way." 

In this special episode it is all about leadership, personal ambitions and building diverse teams. You will hear the extraordinary story of Food Lion store manager Ahmed Awadalla. Ahold Delhaize CEO Frans Muller will talk about his earlier days and shares some of his management insights.  

Guest: Ahmed Awadalla, store manager at Food Lion and Ahold Delhaize’s Store Manager of the year 2019.  

Co-host: Frans Muller, President & CEO Ahold Delhaize 

Last Refreshed: 12/6/2021 9:20:33 PM