Etos revitalizes store and customer experience

Today, Etos opened a brand new store on the Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. It is the first store to display the new Etos logo on the façade of the building, and inside the shop customers can enjoy a new beauty and perfume department. Etos’ own brand, which recently received a makeover, is prominently visible inside the shop.

The drugstore chain also continues to innovate online and is developing a new loyalty program with a customer card and an app. With these activities, Etos will, as Best Drugstore in the Netherlands, make a difference in a competitive market.

This year, Etos was elected Best Drugstore in the Netherlands for the fifth time. “We are proud of this title, said Etos General Manager Jan-Derek Groenendaal. “Customers can rely on the fact that the Etos drugstore chain will keep investing in its customers. In the first quarter of 2016, another 15 shops will be opened with the same look & feel as the Gelderlandplein store. And we will keep innovating in the years to come to offer customers more for their money, with a focus on product innovation and service.”


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