Our family of brands: GIANT, MARTIN’S, GIANT Heirloom Market, GIANT Direct & MARTIN’S Direct

Did you know?

Martin’s Food Markets was acquired by Giant Carlisle in 1970

Donated over 1,800 benches and removed 15 million plastic bags from the environment since 1997

Established: 1923

Store features & formats

  • Expanded deli, bakery and produce departments with a wide range of local and organic items
  • SCAN IT! app lets customers check out on their smartphones
  • In-store nutritionists
  • On-site gas stations
  • Superstores (store size: 90,000 square feet-plus)
  • Supermarkets

Market area

  • Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia

    197 stores

In 1936, Giant founder David Javitch offered customers the chance to buy dry goods and perishables under one roof - a precursor to the modern grocery store


MARTIN'S, origannly based in Hagerstown, MD, joined The GIANT Company family of brands in 1970. Since then, the innovation has never stopped, and the shopping experience continues to evolve as today's families do. That means online shopping with easy store pickup, time-saving tech tools, personalized CHOICE Rewards and the best fresh grocery options for all kinds of lifestyles - all at low prices, all with the same neighborhood grocery store service that feels like home. 

Today's families need help to get dinner done together. That's why we do everything we can to make shopping simpler and keep prices lower, so you can get back to what matters most.

In addition to GIANT and MARTIN'S, The GIANT Comapany's family of brands includes GIANT Heirloom Market, GIANT Direct and MARTIN'S Direct. 


Martin’s (Martin's Food Markets)

Giant Carlisle
P.O. Box 249
Carlisle, PA 17013

Visiting address:

27 Brookwood Ave
Carlisle, PA 17015


+1 888 562 7846