Did you know?

Many AH to go stores are 100% self-scanning

In 2016, AH to go will open its first stores at BP gas stations

Store formats & features

  • Healthy and delicious food on the go
  • Most stores open seven days a week, with extended opening hours
  • Based in high-traffic locations like airports, railway stations, hospitals and offices
  • Small convenience stores
  • 2,000 products available

Market area

  • The Netherlands

    66 stores

  • Germany

    6 stores

AH to go innovates constantly: in just four weeks, products go from ideas to shelves.


AH to go stores adapt their format and commercial programming to suit the needs of their location.

They offer fresh ready-to-eat products such as salads, fresh juices, bakery products and coffee. AH to go is part of Albert Heijn B.V., the biggest Dutch supermarket chain, founded in 1887 and named after Albert Heijn, Sr., the founder of the first store.


AH to go (Netherlands, Germany)

Provincialeweg 11
1506 MA Zaandam