Ahold Delhaize Marketing & Media Group

The Ahold Delhaize Marketing & Media Group...

  • Develops marketing & media plans for suppliers and third parties, within the brands of Ahold Delhaize
  • Professionals in the field of Marketing, Communications & Media
  • Has the shopper at heart of what they do
  • Connects suppliers, shoppers and Ahold Delhaize commerce
  • Is an independent entity within Ahold Delhaize

AM&MG offers you...

  • Communication opportunities within the stores of our Ahold Delhaize retail brands, online platforms, marketing propositions (e.g. Bonuskaart) and marketing & media knowledge.
  • Platforms to strengthen contacts with our shoppers with relevant messages from suppliers or third party advertisers.
  • Customer knowledge and marketing knowledge to produce tailor made plans, create relevant reach in order to realize the objectives and goals of marketing & media managers.


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Account Management

  • Anne van Haeften
  • Anke Brands
  • Jelle van Ommen
  • Hans Wessels
  • Richard Beks

E-mail: ahold.ammg.account.group@aholddelhaize.com