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Last Refreshed: 8/5/2021 7:06:14 AM
Diversity & Inclusion We are open for everyone.

At Ahold Delhaize and our brands, we believe that, as retailers playing a significant role in society, we have a responsibility to set the right example and help dismantle structures that systematically disadvantage some and advantage others. Ahold Delhaize and our brands are committed to continually raising the bar on our diversity and inclusion ambitions. In 2020, this commitment enabled our brands’ associates to demonstrate resilience and reimagine how they can work together to serve communities in uncertain times. 








At Ahold Delhaize we reflect the markets we serve, our voices are heard and valued, we find purpose in our work, have equitable access to opportunities, and can grow and contribute to our fullest. 

We’ve established aspirational goals related to Diversity & Inclusion. We aspire to achieve 100% gender balance at all levels, to be 100% reflective of the markets we serve (as defined by each local brand), and to strive for 100% inclusion, every day. 

Our D&I ambitions will enable us to better serve our brands’ customers and the communities we are a part of.

  • different backgrounds,
  • different perspectives,
  • shared values…

this is what makes us better together.

Diversity & Inclusion Key focus areas

Create a workplace where everyone is valued and has an opportunity to reach their full potential


Guided by key metrics, establish programs and processes that systematically attract, develop, and accelerate the careers of top talent that reflects our diverse community.  


Strive towards our long-term, aspirational ambition to inspire associates and attract top talent. Create true supplier diversity and inclusive product offerings, as well as affordable, healthy food for all.

In order to truly unlock the power of diverse teams, it is critical to foster an inclusive work environment where all associates have equitable access to opportunities and can reach their full potential. At Ahold Delhaize, we strive for 100% inclusion all of the time and empower each of our associates to be inclusive every day. 

Inclusion in the workplace 

Associates across Ahold Delhaize and its local brands demonstrated this commitment in 2020 when we saw an increase in our aggregated inclusive workplace index from 78 to 79, a year in which a global pandemic and heightened racial tension further illuminated the need for bold action. Associates across Ahold Delhaize and its local brands stepped up to the challenge by finding new ways of serving local communities. Associates also leaned into the common values of courage and care by demonstrating empathy and understanding for each other and for customers across our brands. This is truly what inclusion is all about and we are proud to continue this momentum in 2021. 

Inclusive leadership journey 

As we aspire to be a 100% inclusive workplace, this year we will continue on our inclusive leadership journey – a journey that began in 2020 with our leaders elevating our commitment to D&I and further embedding inclusion into the fabric of our DNA. In 2021, associates will embark on an inclusive leadership foundational education and awareness curriculum to further inclusion at all levels. 

2021+ plans to build on progress made  

In 2020 Frans Muller resigned the LEAD (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) CEO Pledge, renewing our commitment to building an inclusive industry where men and women have equal opportunity to career advancement. By signing this pledge CEOs commit to meaningfully accelerate gender equality and drive inclusion in the European Retail & CPG value chain resulting in a significant increase in female representation at the Director level and above. 

In 2021 we plan to build on the progress made through:  

  • Balanced slates and succession planning and pipeline development with a focus on accelerating underrepresented groups. 
  • Pay parity studies that will be conducted at brand level. 
  • Inclusive Leadership Curriculum coming in 2021 

Each of our great local brands have their own tailored D&I plans. These initiatives will supplement the work being done at the local brand level. 

“As we continue to evolve our focus on equity, diversity and inclusion, we’ve established a new, bolder, more intentional D&I ambition and aspiration. I truly believe that together we can make a difference to help build a more equitable world.” - Jacqueline Blount, Global Director Diversity and Inclusion. 

Putting in place the right policies:

  • Parental leave in all the U.S. brands
  • Pay parity (gender equity study in process)
  • Flexible working

Developing balanced slates:

  • Robust and diverse talent pipelines
  • Balanced slates of candidates for open roles
  • Diverse succession pools

Embedding D&I into everything we do:

  • Inclusive leadership behaviors embedded into associates’ Leadership Journey
  • D&I embedded into our Employer Value Proposition
  • Business Resource Groups in the U.S. and Europe focused on fostering inclusion through education and awareness, providing guidance to the business and helping to attract diverse candidates
  • D&I metrics integrated into our talent framework

Some of our global successes

  • 79% of associates across our brands say we support a more inclusive workplace (measured in our 2020 Associate Engagement Survey)
  • Inclusive behaviors embedded into our Ahold Delhaize Leadership Journey
  • Balanced slate mandate instituted for senior leadership positions and higher
  • Courageous conversations held with Executive Board members and associates to talk about diversity and inclusion in our organization

Some of our local successes

  • All the U.S. brands received a 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ inclusion
  • Delhaize Serbia received Disability Matters Europe honor
  • Food Lion was named a “Best-of-the-Best” by the National Business Inclusion Consortium in 2020.
  • Shelby award – ADUSA and the Giant Company
  • Giant Food – labels in stores to highlight diverse suppliers
  • Young Ahold Delhaize (YAD) Business Resource Group expansion across EU brands

Our key ambassadors

  • Frans Muller - Chief Executive Officer, interim Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Sarah Chartrand - SVP Global Talent, Leadership & Diversity
  • Farhan Siddiqi - Chief Digital Officer
  • Jacqueline Blount - Global Director, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Natalie Knight - Chief Financial Officer
DIVERSITY & INCLUSION A message from our CEO Frans Muller

''Ahold Delhaize cares about serving our customers and growing our communities. How we value and treat our associates and how we as leaders operate our Brands makes a difference. When our associates are more engaged and love what they do, we provide a better experience for customers.​ 

Together, we will continue to lead the way. We will set the example as leaders. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for upholding the values and behaviors of diversity and inclusion.​ 

We are taking steps to ensure an even more inclusive culture where our associates reflect the markets we serve, their voices are heard and valued, they find purpose in their work, have equitable access to opportunities and can grow and contribute to their fullest. In essence, where every associate can thrive, and every customer in our stores feels a sense of belonging, a sense of community.​''

Frans Muller - CEO Ahold Delhaize