Palm oil

Palm oil is an important ingredient in many processed products used daily. It is an ingredient in food products like cookies, margarine and instant noodles, but also in non-food products like shampoos and detergents. This makes palm oil a highly versatile and key ingredient in our daily diets and routines. At the same time, palm oil production faces a number of key challenges.

Deforestation and subsequent wildlife habitat loss are two key challenges associated with palm oil. Serious human rights violations like forced labor, child labor and overall bad working and living conditions for workers and their families, are major challenges in the sector. Despite these challenges associated with badly managed palm oil, there is a good reason for the use of palm oil. It is the most efficient vegetable oil in the world – that means, you can produce more vegetable oil on less land. For this reason, we prefer transitioning to sustainable palm oil, rather than replacing palm oil in our own brand products. 

Ahold Delhaize and its brands work hard to make sure palm oil used in our global supply chains come from well-managed, socially and environmentally responsible plantations. That is why we are committed that 100% of the volume of palm oil in our own brand products is certified sustainable against the standard of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), with the first importer identified. The RSPO’s standard aims to protect the environment where palm oil is grown, as well as the people and communities who produce it.