Research Partners

Our scientific partners

The AI for Retail (AIR) Lab Delft is a joint TU Delft-Ahold Delhaize industry lab based in RoboValley. AIRLab Delft comprises a robotics research program and test site for developing state-of-the-art innovations in the retail industry.


The AI for Retail (AIR) Lab Amsterdam is a joint UvA-Ahold Delhaize industry lab and conducts research into socially responsible algorithms that can be used to make recommendations to consumers and into transparent AI technology for managing goods flows.


The goal of SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL membership is to promote in-depth interactions between industry and academia. The work leverages many world-class faculty in MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to address the hardest real-world business problems.


Kickstart AI is a platform aimed at boosting the AI ecosystem in the Netherlands by accelerating and promoting the development of AI technology and nurturing AI talent in the country.

Ahold Delhaize has committed to five joint appointment positions for academic talent in 2020, two filled per April in central team

Student Internships

Within our brands we have many students that conduct projects and internships. They generate knowledge that we we capture and use as fuel for our business.