Mary Anne Citrino has served on the Ahold Delhaize Supervisory Board since 2016 and is a member of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee. Prior to the merger between Ahold and Delhaize she served on the Ahold Supervisory Board from March 2016.

Mary Anne is a senior advisor to Blackstone. She joined the Blackstone Advisory Partners Group as senior managing director in 2004.

Mary Anne was employed at Morgan Stanley for over 20 years. While at Morgan Stanley, she served as the global head of consumer products investment banking, co-head of healthcare services investment banking, and as mergers and acquisitions analyst.

Currently Mary Anne is a director of Dollar Tree, Inc. and member of its audit committee and nominating and corporate governance committee. She is a director of Health Net, Inc. and a member of its compensation committee and finance committee.

Mary Anne is also chair of the audit committee and member of the finance, investment and technology committee of Hewlett Packard, Inc. and serves on the advisory council for the Center for Health and Wellbeing at Princeton University.


Born: 24 April 1959

Nationality: American