Farhan Siddiqi

Chief Digital Officer
Member Executive Committee

On January 28, 2019, Farhan Siddiqi joined Ahold Delhaize as Chief Digital Officer and member of the Executive Committee. He is responsible for driving digital transformation and innovation across Ahold Delhaize’s local brands, focusing on loyalty, data analytics and personalization.

Before joining Ahold Delhaize, Farhan served as chief digital officer at McDonald’s, and led the restaurant chain’s digital transformation, including the launch of mobile commerce in 20,000 restaurants, a new mobile app and the upgrade of self-service ordering kiosks. He was also responsible for data analytics and extending Customer Relationship Management capabilities.

Prior to this, Farhan held various key leadership positions within Bank of America, Target and General Electric, where he focused on implementing successful customer loyalty programs and digital payment solutions and launching strategic partnerships.

Nationality: American