The Management Board has ultimate responsibility for the overall management of the company and oversees all corporate governance activity.

It is also responsible for the actions and decisions of the Executive Committee, which manages our general affairs and makes sure that we effectively implement our strategy and achieve our objectives.

The Management Board is advised by a Supervisory Board.

Duties and responsibilities

Together, our Management Board and Executive Committee support our business, meet the needs of our stakeholders and make sure we comply with relevant rules and regulations.

Visit our Code of conduct and policies page to find out more about the responsibilities of the Management Board and Executive Committee. 

Appointing members

Our Executive Committee is led by the Chief Executive Officer and made up of Management Board members and several chief officers.

According to our Articles of Association, the Management Board must have at least three members.

Management Board members are appointed for four-year terms and may be reappointed for additional terms no longer than four years.